Citral Glue Bellos Pod

Citral Glue Bellos Pod

Available in both .5g and 1g pods

Citral Glue is a 60/40 indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Gorilla Glue #4 X Citral Skunk strains. This bud has as sharp sour citrus flavor with a dank herbal skunky exhale.

Cultivated by JC Farms

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Dispensary Locations

.5g Pod

Buzzn Dispensary
Elevate Dispensary - Yukon
Green Flower Dispensary
Project Releaf


1g Pod

4-C Shop
Buzzn Dispensary
Cali Roots- Norman
Emerald Skye
Everything Green RX
Flight 420 - Watts
Grade A Dispensary
Green Flower Dispensary
Herban Apothecary
High Voltage Cannabis Co
King's Reserve - Atoka
King's Reserves
Loud Flower - Mustang
Native Budz (Canna 23)
Natural Remedies
Nature Meds
One Love Wellness
One Love Wellness
Pirpich Industries (Big Buds Too)
Sheffy's Farm
Sparky McGee
Tenkiller Trees
True Herb Cannabis
Wild Herb Wellness