Gelato Royale

Gelato Royale


If you've found a Gelato Royale concentrate with the Eclipse Pharms "E" logo on the inside of the lid, YOU'VE WON! Contact @eclipsepharms on Instagram messages to find out how to get your prize. 

Gelato Royale is an Indica strain created from Purple Gelato #33, Gelato Kiss, and Gelato Punch. This Gelato Royale canna-fusion is definitely a winner and represents all three Gelato cultivars very well. Creamy. Sweet. Berry. Fruity. Punchy. But also a slight funky note from the Kiss side of Gelato Kiss' family tree.

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Cali Roots- Stillwater
Division Street Dispensary
Fire Leaf - S Western
Fire Leaf - The Village
Flight 420 - Watts
Frontier Medicine
Green Door
High Society
Higher Garden - 119th
Higher Garden - Council
Likewise Stillwater
Stars & Stripes Western
Stillwater Weed
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