GSC Extreme

GSC Extreme

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme marijuana strain (not to be confused with the less extreme Girl Scout Cookies strain) is a hybrid between OG Kush and Durban Poison bred in California. Its aroma is lovely: a combination of sweetness and earthiness, along with a delightful high when consumed. This bud has a classic spicy diesel cookie flavor with a notable punch of pungency to it.

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Cultivated by Red Dirt Sungrown

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Dispensary Locations 

405 Budz
918 Elevate
B & B Alternatives (The Remedy)
Botanical Cloud Co
Cali Roots Edmond
Cali Roots- Nichols Hills
Cali Roots- Norman
Cali Roots- OKC
Cali Roots- Stillwater
Canna Club Dispensary
Cannabis Refinery
Cannatopia - Langley
Cannatopia - Tulsa
Freedom Cannabis
Green Doctor 420 - Edmond
Green Lit Farmacy
Heartland Dispensary
Herbal House
Hi Octane Cannabis Co.
High Voltage Cannabis Co
Higher Garden - 119th
Likewise Craft
Lotus Gold - Surrey Hills
Natural Healing Remedies
Natural Remedies
Nature Meds
Next Level Medicine
Okind - Sapulpa
Pirpich Industries (Big Buds Too)
Ponca City 420 Degrees
Prestige Cannabis
Primetime Buds
Purple Moon
Stars and Stripes Dispensary
Stillwater Weed
Ten Hippies
The Supply Distribution
Top Strainz Dispensary
Waves- GVT Group LTD. Co.