M2 x Rainbow Flame

M2 x Rainbow Flame

  • Genetics: Sri Lankan landrace x Thai Landrace (extinct) x Acapulco Gold 

M2 is the ultimate pure sativa. It is a perfect example of what a sativa is supposed to feel like. When older smokers reminisce about how cannabis doesn’t feel like it did back in the 60s and 70s, this is what they are referring to. M2 is an opportunity for younger generations to experience what an exceptional sativa feels like.  

Sometimes you want the perfect strain to hike, socialize, talk and laugh. Sometimes you want a creative boost to create art or listen to music. M2 is the ultimate strain for those purposes and it has no anxiety inducing effects. It is one that makes you aware of the warm sun on your face and makes colors more vivid. To this date, I have never smoked another strain that has come close to such a perfect sativa high. This is one strain I know I will have for the rest of my life because of its value to me.


Rainbow Flame by Green Fire Genetics, these colorful buds have mild effects suitable for anytime use, even during the day. This well-balanced hybrid consists of equal parts Indica and Sativa. Compared to other cannabis strains, Rainbow Flame is not overly potent. It lets one enjoy a mild high that is not too heavy physically. Effects are slow to come, but they are energetic, creative, focused and incredibly relaxing, lasting for a few hours without any of the sedating overwhelming effects of other strains. With a low THC, high CBD content, this strain is ideal for medical use and patients use it to treat an array of health issues.

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