1. What is the extraction process for both your extracts and cartridges?

We use butane extraction.

2. Are your products full spectrum? 

We do not think any product that goes through the distillation product to be full spectrum. Other processors may think adding cannabis derived terpenes makes a full spectrum product, but we do not. We believe all of our products beside distillate is full spectrum, this includes cured resin concentrates, gummies, liquid cured resin 510 carts, liquid cured resin bellos, and liquid cured resin Kliks. 

3. Are your terpenes cannabis derived? And, do you add extra terpenes? 

The distillate carts use a combination of cannabis derived and botanical derived terpenes. This offers a better experience with a consistent taste. All of our cured resin concentrates and liquid cured resins do not have any added terpenes.  

4. I am looking for all the cannabinoid and terpene results in testing, where are those located? 

Search sundayextracts.com on a search engine, use the search bar to find the product you're looking for. Click "read more" to open the full blog post. There will be a link to testing including the cannabinoid and terpene results. 

5. Is the flower you use for your products indoor or outdoor grown?

Red Dirt Sungrown, our main source of flower, has greenhouse grown flower while some of our other growers are indoor and outdoor grown. 

6. What is the difference between your cured resin and distillate cartridges?

The traditional distillate cart is a mix of cannabis extract and botanically derived terpenes and distillate. Our cured resin carts do not have added terpenes or distillate. It is a full spectrum extract and we try to preserve the cannabinoid and terpene profile from the original flower.

7. What are the different types of extract consistencies? And, do they differ for any specific reason? 

A lot of the varieties in consistencies are due to the rate of crystallization and terpene content in each individual strain. We try and offer as much variety as possible to appeal to more people. With each batch, as the butane is removed from the concentrate, the THCa can crystallize at different rates. For large crystal structure to form, little agitation is needed while trying to limit the amount of butane to leave the concentrate. For a smooth batter, agitation is needed to release the butane as quickly as possible and to limit the amount the crystals can grow. After the desired consistency is made we then purge off all remaining butane.

8. I have a high tolerance for dry flower, would extracts be better for me? 

Yes, it's not a bad idea to change the cannabinoid and terpene profile you are using whether it's by taking a break from it and smoking extracts for a while, changing strains, or more frequently exercising to reduce cannabinoid build up in the body.

9. Are your products discreet? And, do they leave an odor?

Our vape carts are very discreet and don't leave a lasting smell like cannabis flower does.

10. Do you have a return policy?

Yes, you can return/exchange your product to the dispensary you purchased from if it is defective or has issues. Please reach out to info@sundayextracts.com if you have any product issues or questions.  

11. How do I leave a review?

You may leave a review via our Facebook page, Weed Maps, or on Instagram comments/dms. 

12. How do I use your products? 

Our 510 carts work with any 510 thread battery, and our concentrates must be vaporized. This can be done with a rig, nectar collector, terp pen, puffco, carta, or any other e-device for concentrates. The Bellos cured resin pods are used with the Bellos batteries. 

13. Are your products best used with glass pieces like rigs?

Our concentrates work well with any device, but we do recommend using a low temp device. Electronic rigs can do a better job of regulating temperature than traditional rigs, but the rigs typically hit harder, and who doesn’t love a nice cold start? Just make sure to clean your piece between dabs.

14. Do the different consistencies change the medicating method? ( I.E. should badders be burned at a higher temp than sauces?)

This probably depends on your personal preference, but typically higher terpene and more saucy concentrates dab better at a lower temperature. 

15. How do I know my dosage?

Dosage is different with everyone, but starting with less and working your way up is the best way to find out.

16. Do the extracts need to be refrigerated? 

Not necessarily, but if you refrigerate the flavor will last longer.

17. What are all the products you carry? 

Sunday produces concentrates, cured resin carts in Bellos and 510 thread, distillate carts, 1:1 salve, cured resin gummies, and a liquid cured resin Klik syringe. We also offer a wide variety of merchandise on our online site, sundayextracts.com.

18. Where can I get updates on your new products?

sundayextracts.com is the first place you'll find new products. Once we get testing in we upload it to our website. Instagram doesn't release the new products until Sundays or Mondays. 

19. Are your cartridges 510 thread compatible?

Yes they are, but not the Bellos pods. 

20. Are your extracts batch to batch?

Each concentrate is a limited batch and will run out eventually!  

21. How long does shipping take?

Sunday uses USPS for our merchandise store, shipping depends on location but usually ships in 2-3 days for Oklahoma.

22. I can't smoke but I heard you have great products, is there anything I can use orally or infuse into food?

Yes, our liquid cured resin Klik syringe is activated and ready to eat! The cured resin gummies are also a great way to orally medicate.

23. Can I use your products with my regular dry flower? (on top of a bowl or within a joint/blunt) 

Yes you can do so with the concentrates, and the same goes with our Klik liquid cured resin syringe.

24. Can I take your products to another state that legalized medical cannabis? 

Federal law does not allow transport across state borders.