Full Spectrum Extracts



Our liquid cured resin use the same high quality oil as our concentrates, but is then taken through a proprietary process that ensure the oil is activated and will remain a consistency suitable for vape cartridges with minimal refinement. The process allows the cannabinoid and terpene profile to be unaltered and reflect the cannabis strain it was extracted from. No artificial terpenes, fillers, diluents, vitamin E, or Distillate is added to our full spectrum liquid cured resin cartridges.



Sunday is now offering klik applicators so you can make your own edibles, fill your own vape cart, or just dab it! The syringes conveniently dispense approximately 25mg at a time. Want an extra kick from your flower? One klik can help any bowl pack a punch, or drizzle it on a joint. The Full spectrum oil is already activated and ready to be applied to flower, joints, bowl, or edibles.