Distillate and Terpenes


 Our Distillate is made through Short Path Distillation, which consists of manipulating temperature and vacuum to separate out THC at a molecular level from other compounds. We use vacuums capable of reaching 1 mTorr vac depth. The distillation process using a short path can create better quality oil than large industrial wipers since a lower ultimate vacuum can be achieved.  With lower vacuum it is easier to separate undesirable compounds out of the distillate providing a cleaner lighter color distillate. We pride ourselves in always distilling our oil for a second time, which allows us to further narrow the spectrum and grab only THC cannabinoids.



Our Terpenes are a combination of cannabis and botanically derived terpenes sourced from GMP certified facilities. The terpenes are third party tested for pesticides and heavy metals. All the terpenes are non-synthetic, organic, non-gmo, and manufactured in the USA.  Our cannabis derived terpenes are made exclusively with Red Dirt Sungrown flower. Cannabis derived terpenes have essential trace plant resins like monoterpenoids, sesquiterpenoids, diterpenoids, triterpenoids, esters, keytones, and flavonoids that may not be present in botanical blends. By providing a mix of both, we can provide an experience similar to cannabis flower or full spectrum oil  while providing a dependable flavor profile/experience.