What Goes In


We have partnered with Red Dirt Sungrown to ensure our starting material is always high quality sungrown buds. Greenhouses can produce better quality plants thanks to the power of the sun and more advanced temperature and humidity regulation. Red Dirt has multiple greenhouses each set to different humidity and temperatures depending on the plants stage of growth. Red dirt also utilizes microbes to ensure plants are raised in living soil, paired with advanced IPM program which provides high quality cannabis free of pest and mold. Each cannabis plant is selected at peak trichome production, then harvested and dried in specialized containers that use industrial dehumidifiers to properly dry the bud. One of the most underutilized tool used by growers is the lack of curing. The curing process allows for the buds to further and more evenly dry out which will enhance the terpene expression, and allow undesirables like chlorophyll to make their way out. Curing is achieved by consistently rotating and burping over the course of two weeks, but we continue to cure until the extraction process occurs.