Our Process



Sunday uses medical grade lab equipment from some of the most well established manufacturers to ensure consistent and clean products. Our closed loop system is built with corrosive resistant 316L stainless steel parts and stainless steel reinforced Teflon hoses. We use high pressure cryogenic valves and multiple levels of filtration down to 1 micron to ensure no plant material or undesirables will end up in the final product.  Our hydrocarbon extractions focus on terpene preservation over anything. Our process involves extremely accurate heaters and chillers capable of regulating temperatures to a tenth of a degree. We chill our butane to -80c to ensure we only take the essential compounds from the plant. The colder we are able to maintain our butane, the more selective our solvent will be in removing compounds from the material, ensuring we only remove cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. We then use a separate inline dewax column to further remove lipids and provide a clean product with excellent terpene expression. No other solvent is ever used with our concentrates and terpenes are never reintroduced.